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State of the State in React - microConf by SwingDev

State of the State in React - microConf by SwingDev

📅 Date: 25 July 2018, Wednesday

⌚ Start time: 18:00

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., SwingDev, Nowy Świat 35/15 (show on the map)
microConf is a series of meetups for fresh and professional developers. 👨‍💻 Each meetup is filled with high-quality content, squeezed in 4 hours full of action - 2 talks and a workshop. A mix of theoretical and practical knowledge served during the event helps to understand how modern software development works.

The first meetup, called “State of the State in React” will cover state management in React applications. We will show you how to properly manage state in React application and which tools you can use to make your life easier. Also - the effect TypeScript had on the objective quality of our frontends.

🗓️ Agenda
18:00 - Registration
18:30 - 4 Faces of State Management in React - Mirosław Ciastek
19:15 - React and Typescript - How They Fell in Love - Aleksander Stós
20:00 - Break
20:15 - Workshops

⚒️ Workshops ⚒️
During the workshop, you will build simple Google Keep's clone focusing on the application's store architecture. We will explain how you can benefit from having well-though architecture and how easy it is to introduce new features without changing everything in the project.

To make sure you enjoy the workshop to the fullest, you need a working understanding of:
* React framework
* TypeScript
* Redux
* Git

During those events, we will talk about best practices and our very subjective, and very hands-on take on all the new trends in software. Our topics will range from web development, through hardcore backend, all the way to UX/UI, so stay tuned if you're interested in many others subjects.