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THE WRITE PLACE: Writing, storytelling, & other bad ideas

THE WRITE PLACE: Writing, storytelling, & other bad ideas

📅 Date: 13 July 2024, Saturday

⌚ Start time: 14:00

📌 Place: Warsaw - Praga-Północ dist., Stacja Praga, ul. Zaokopowa 5 (show on the map)

💲 Admission is free, participation incurs the cost of ordering food/drink
[wydarzenie oraz poniższy opis wyłącznie w języku angielskim]

More than a creative writing workshop, we are a bunch of misfits who like writing and know no limits when it comes to unleash their imagination, go berserk and run wild with words.

There’s no intent to write well, or to write to publish, or to analyze and criticize, or to teach anything to anyone.
We don’t write to learn, we don’t write to improve, we lost that hope long ago.

We improvise, write, read our stories and enjoy spending time together.
If you like writing, and you’re terrible at that, but you know no shame, you’re one of us.

The meeting is in English, or its best approximation considering our limited capabilities.

We meet at Stacja Praga, which I personally consider the most intriguing and trippy place in Warsaw.
Free entrance, free exit, free expression.

We are The Write Place, and these are our rules:
- We meet, we write, we read -
- We don’t ask for permission -
- We don’t give explanations -
- We do not apologize -


We are meeting at:
Stacja Praga, Zaokopowa 5, 03-422 Warszawa
(It’s hard to find the 1st time: if you get lost and think you are in the wrong place, you’re probably in the right place. Follow the graffiti)

but feel free to buy drinks or support in any ways a no-profit cultural association that brings value and offers a free space to the artistic souls of Warsaw to express themselves and get away with it.

Obviously bring your laptop, paper, clay tablets, human skin, and of course ink, blood, whatever you use to write with, and to write on. We won’t judge you.