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Guided Tours | Open Jazdów Festival

Guided Tours | Open Jazdów Festival

📅 Date: 29 July 2024, Monday

⌚ Start time: 18:00

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., ul. Jazdów 10/5 (show on the map)
[wydarzenie oraz poniższy opis wyłącznie w języku angielskim]

In July, on Mondays we invite you to join us for summer walks through Warsaw’s most picturesque and greenest village, a historic regroupment of Finnish houses, a rural, social autonomy in the heart of Warsaw.

During the tours you will learn the history of this unique place, find out what the Open Jazdów Partnership is, how it functions, and how we managed to save the Jazdów Estate from destruction and what future awaits it.

🌺 We will enter the secret gardens and the huts themselves
🌺 We will introduce the activities of various organizations inhabiting the space
🌺We will talk about current projects and initiatives happening around Jazdów
🌺 We will look at this space from different perspectives and try to explain the various formal intricacies our community has to face
🌺 We will answer your questions, especially those related to the Local Spatial Development Plan
🌺We will tell you how you can engage and co-create this place
The Jazdów Estate is a common good for all people living in Warsaw, and we want the walks to be the first step to joining our activities and community life.

In July we planned two tours in English on 8th and 29th of July.

We start at 18 o’clock and we walk around for about 1,5 hours
Meeting point: House of Partnerstwo Otwarty Jazdów (Open Jazdów Partnership),
Address: Jazdów 10/5 (the hut closest to the German Embassy).

You will be guided by our lovely volunteers from Open Jazdów Partnership:
8 of July | Eter Staniszewska
29 of July | Wojciech Matejko

Participation is free, however there will be an opportunity to make a donation in cash on the spot to the Open Jazdów Partnership, entity responsible for coordination of functioning of the entire Jazdów Estate on a daily basis. It brings together its NGOs, informal collectives and residents of the Estate.

The event takes place on the Jazdów Estate, the largest grassroots cultural center in Poland, a green enclave in the heart of Warsaw. The estate’s residents and urban activists defended it from demolition, and since 2015 they have been affiliated with the Open Jazdów Partnership, which is giving new public functions to the site. The Partnership conducts a dialogue for the development of the estate with Warsaw City officials.

In 2021, the Partnership received an honorable mention from the European Commission for its exceptional commitment to the preservation and development of Europe’s shared heritage in the European Heritage Awards.

Please take note that cars are prohibited on the Jazdów Estate, please arrive by bicycle or on foot! Cars without autorisation badge may be towed away by the Municipal Police!

The event takes place as part of the 5th Open Jazdów Festival >> link

Project co-financed by the City of Warsaw.
The 5th Open Jazdów Festival is under the media patronage of: KMAG, TVP3,, RDC, Radio Kampus.

Possibility of access to an online sign language interpreter within the program of the City of Warsaw.

Visual identification: Witold Dąbrowski @brat.witt
Support Open Jazdów: