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Making a living in Palestine

Making a living in Palestine

📅 Date: 01 August 2018, Wednesday

⌚ Start time: 19:30

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., Południk Zero, ul. Wilcza 25 (show on the map)
Basilicas, biblical sites, pilgrimages, the wall, checkpoints, intifadas. The image of Palestine usually remains highly polarized. Meanwhile, between the portrayal of the Holy Land and the symbol of Middle Eastern conflict, everyday life continues with its concerns of maintaining a family, job and the fear of nearest future.

Those who visit Palestine briefly, often miss this simple perspective. Togehter with local partners from Palestine, working with Polish Center for International Aid Foundation (Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM)), we would like to tell you how a daily life in the West Bank looks like – what is the average income, what kind of career awaits young people after finishing their studies, is it easy to support a family, what type of challenges do Polish people working there have to deal with.

The meeting will take place on the 1st on August at 19.30.
It will be conducted by PCPM Foundation Staff members from Warsaw and Palestine as to show a different point of view from the one presented in the media and postcards.