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microConf by SwingDev

microConf by SwingDev

📅 Date: 25 October 2018, Thursday

⌚ Start time: 18:00

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., SwingDev Office, Nowy Świat 35 (show on the map)
The 2nd edition of microConf by SwingDev will take place on October 25.
This time we will share with you our knowledge about...

**How the Browser Sees Your Face** by Mirek Ciastek
Snapchat's Filters and Apple's Animoji are one of the most famous examples of computer vision in popular applications. Based on complex algorithms, computer vision can be intimidating at the first glance. Luckily for us — Web Developers — processing images and face detection are now much easier to work with than before.

Previously mainly a domain of native apps, face detection is now available in our browsers. Thanks to modern web APIs and libraries, we are now able to process the image in real time on the front-end side. With face detection, you can go even a one step further and make the browser to recognize your face!

This talk will give you a brief overview of face detection concepts. You will see some popular methods of detecting the face using the web camera and how to use them in your applications.

**May I have just one request…** by Tomek Kopczuk

We're starting with a talk explaining how to make network requests properly on the frontends for your users to have a good experience.
After the talk, we're inviting you to join the workshop**. *Thanks to the intro you get to know what to do to make your apps fly in real-life scenarios - subway rides, cars, buses, bikes, on the go.
Let’s stop pretending our users are always on a 1Gbps fiber, they deserve better.

*To join the workshops reach us at or via meetup message (link. The number of seats is limited.

18:00 - Registration
18:30 - How the Browser Sees Your Face - Mirosław Ciastek
19:00 - Coffee Break (Networking)
19:15 - May I have just one request… - Tomasz Kopczuk
19:45 - Break
20:00 - Workshop - confirm your attendance at or via meetup message (link

⚒️ Workshops ⚒️

During the workshop, you will learn how to tweak the way you do network calls for your users’ ultimate pleasure.
To make sure you enjoy the workshop to the fullest, you need a working understanding of:

* Promises (!)
* How to make API calls (we’ll be using Axios as our HTTP client).
* React
* TypeScript (optional)
* Git

Take your 💻 laptops with you and make sure you have the following installed:

* If you’re on Docker — you’re all set. Have Docker and Docker-Compose ready.
* If not:
* Node.js (>=8.x)
* NPM or Yarn (preferred)
* Visual Studio Code (best for TypeScript) or any other configured IDE

Warning! Squeezing a ton of knowledge in 1,5 h is no joke. Attending the workshop part may cause some serious learning. 🤯🤯🤯

If you want to join the workshop after the talks, please email or message us to confirm your attendance. We will send you a link to the survey to make sure you enjoy workshop to the fullest
The number of seats is limited.