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Face+Book 451.1: Helena Modrzejewska/ Sontag/ Themersonowie

Face+Book 451.1: Helena Modrzejewska/ Sontag/  Themersonowie

📅 Date: 21 January 2020, Tuesday

⏰ Start time: 16:00

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., Curie City; Tamka 36 (show on the map)
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Face+Book 451.1: Helena Modrzejewska/ Susan Sontag/ Franciszka + Stefan Themersonowie
otwArte Czytania: Różne Teksty dla Wszystkich Zainteresowanych w wieku od 0 do 123 lat
Miscellanous Texts: Open Readings for Everyone Interested from 0 to 123 years old

w procesie patafizyczno-demo-kreatycznym: w jezyku polskim i w jezyku angielskim
in a pataphysico-democreatic process: in Polish and in English

books ~ art-like found objects ~ artifacts ~ thoughts to share
ksiazki ~ podobne do sztuki obiekty znalezione ~ artefakty ~ mysli do podzielenia sie
Tuesday-Friday, January 21-24, 2020 / ~ 4pm to ~ 5pm
Wtorek-Piatek, Styczen 21-24, 2020 / ~ 16:00 ~ 17:00

this on-going series offers an evolving situation for creative exchange in real space and time.

CurieCity Motto: ~ Less Ego ~ More Eco ~ (p)articipation

CurieCity + Useum451
ul. Tamka 36