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PostDada VirtualExhibitRecord

PostDada VirtualExhibitRecord

📅 Start Date: 04 May 2020, Monday

⌚ Start time: 17:00

📅 End Date: 07 May 2020

📌 Place: 💻 online
PostDada VirtualExhibitRecord: ZofiaRydet/ AudreyHepburn/ JaneJacobs/ HenriDunant/ RabindranathTagore +...

EventScore PostDada VirtualExhibitRecord May4.20 anti-spectacle:

0. Please read some of the quotes, fragments, posts from below...and some of them...with someone...

1. " I know now for sure what I want out of photography and what it can give me..." - Zofia Rydet

2. “ By its nature, the metropolis provides what otherwise could be given only by traveling; namely, the strange.”
- Jane Jacobs

3. " Why could not advantage be taken of a time of relative calm and quiet to investigate and try to solve a question of such immense and worldwide importance, both from the humane and Christian stand-point? ...
...By Thy power, let there be peace, O God! - Henri Dunant

4. " The highest education is that which does not merely give us information
but makes our life in harmony with all existence." - RabindranathTagore

5. . “ Today everything exists to end in a photograph...” - Susan Sontag

to be continued...

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Poniedzialek-Czwartek, Maj 4 - 7, 2020 /
Monday-Thursday, May 4 - 7, 2020 /

this on-going series offers an evolving situation for creative exchange about space and time.

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