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Face + Book: Plein-Air: On Photography / from Arbus & Blossfeldt to Muybridge, Rydet, Warhol

Face + Book: Plein-Air: On Photography / from Arbus & Blossfeldt to Muybridge, Rydet, Warhol

📅 Start Date: 12 May 2020, Tuesday

⌚ Start time: 19:00

📅 End Date: 15 May 2020

📌 Place: Warsaw - Śródmieście dist., Złota Kaczka (show on the map)
Face + Book: Plein-Air: On Photography / from Arbus & Blossfeldt to Muybridge, Rydet, Warhol...

Event Score FluxUs: ...Face + Book... Face + Mask...

This week Curie City will remain closed but will try to re-search cautiously and slowly...
in an open-air ... on location... nearby... and If all circumstances and weather permit...
SomeOne will be by "The Golden Duck" near The Chopin Museum... Tuesday-Friday from 19:01 to 20:02
SomeOne will bring and share a few books related to photography and see what happens...
SomeOne will be open to the unexpected...

“But the very question of whether photography is or is not an art is essentially a misleading one. Although photography generates works that can be called art --it requires subjectivity, it can lie, it gives aesthetic pleasure-- photography is not, to begin with, an art form at all. Like language, it is a medium in which works of art (among other things) are made. Out of language, one can make scientific discourse, bureaucratic memoranda, love letters, grocery lists, and Balzac’s Paris. Out of photography, one can make passport pictures, weather photographs, pornographic pictures, X-rays, wedding pictures, and Atget’s Paris. Photography is not an art like, say, painting and poetry. Although the activities of some photographers conform to the traditional notion of a fine art, the activity of exceptionally talented individuals producing discrete objects that have value in themselves, form the beginning photography has also lent itself to that notion of art which says that art is obsolete. The power of photography --and its centrality in present aesthetic concerns-- is that it confirms both ideas of art. But the way in which photography renders art obsolete is, in the long run, stronger.” ― Susan Sontag, On Photography

S.Sontag/ E.Muybridge/ K.Blossfeldt/ T.Modotti/ D.Lange/ G.Taro/ R.Capa/ ManRay/ A.Adams/ D.Arbus/ U.Czartoryska/ R.Barthes/ Z.Rydet/ L.Miller/ D.Michaels/ R.Mapplethorpe/ A.Sekula/ J.Shulman/ C.Perriand/ A.Warhol/ I.Cunningham/ M.Bourke-White/ Z.Dlubak/ J.Sudek/ ...

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sztuka + ksiazki ~ dada-fluxus ~ sztuko-podobne obiekty znalezione ~ hajp-krytyczne teksty ~ mysli do podzielenia sie:

Curie City at "The Golden Duck" near The Fryderyk Chopin Museum
Tuesday-Friday, May 12- May 15, 2020 / from 19:01 to 20:02

this on-going series offers an evolving situation for creative research exchange about space and time.

on-line posts/ meditations/ projections into virtual reality.

CurieCity Motto: ~ Less Ego ~ More Eco ~ (p)articipation

address: ( information about the extact meeting location posted on the door)
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