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Free yoga class

Free yoga class

data Data: 18 kwietnia 2019, czwartek

godzina Godzina rozpoczęcia: 18:00

miejsce Miejsce: Warszawa - Śródmieście, Centrum Wielokulturowe w Warszawie, ul. Jagiellońska 54 (pokaż na mapie)
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About Manish: "I have studied Yoga/body anatomy during my Teacher Training Course. Also, my job experience of working with doctors helped me a lot to understand the science behind yoga postures and this further helped me to complete 300 hours in yoga therapy, where I have done two months of internship under Dr. Ritesh Patel at Life Springs Wellness Center. In total, I have completed 500 hours of Teacher Training Courses done in India. I am also a yoga researcher, I do research on yoga with future plans to complete PhD in Yoga.

All of my classes are logically build with good scientific explanation behind it. We work on the principle of "combining the ancient science of East with modern science of West."

To be honest, I am not teaching you Yoga. Yoga is a great philoshopy guiding how one should live the life. Yoga can be grouped in four major streams and one of them in Raja Yoga (the path of will power). Further, Raja Yoga is classified in 8 limbs, called " Ashtanga" (not Ashtanga yoga class). Asana and Pranayama are 2 of those 8 limbs. Now, forget yoga, we are just doing 2 limbs of Ashtanga and we are not good in that too. Wow!. You will be shocked to know that per my research, hatha yoga is just utilized 40-50% on average. So, what I will be doing is teaching you Asana and Pranayama with logic and science behind it and very minutely correcting each and every pose and utilizing the hatha yoga to 80-85%, which will help you to achieve your goals in just 1 month, which for others take 6 months. We will also use a bit of Dharana and Dhyana, 2 of 3 meditative limbs of Ashtanga to learn how we can meditate while doing the postures. We have a unique style of using Dharana and Dhyana to help our participants to learn meditation. Again, the science plays its role here, with Dharana and Dhyana, brain and muscle coordination improves and 95% of the time, these two aspects help with flexibility and awakening of the muscles too, so it is flexibility with Concentration and Meditation. The class is open to all levels and is a perfect way to both stretch and relax!

For registrations please call or text msg at 517 480 551
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