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Free Pub Quiz in English

Free Pub Quiz in English
📅 Data: niedziela, 11 czerwca 2017

⌚ Godzina rozpoczęcia: 19:00

📌 Miejsce: Warszawa - Śródmieście, Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw, ul. Złota 59 (pokaż na mapie)

Szczegółowy opis poniżej ⬇️

Wydarzenie oraz poniższy opis w języku angielskim.


What is a pub quiz? A pub quiz is where teams put their useless knowledge against other teams. Whichever teams answers the most questions correctly win!

How does it work?

- You join a table to create a team (4-6 people). You can either come as a team or join any table. All Warsaw Social members are very welcoming and friendly so coming alone is never an issue.

- A list of questions is than asked over a mic, these questions can range from TV shows, to History, to music and much more!

- The team that get the most correct answers win! We'll have prizes for the top three scoring teams.


- There are prizes on the line, but the aim of this event is only for fun and to meet new people. Please not cheating or searching smart phones to check answers. Anyone caught cheating will have their whole team disqualified.

How much does this event cost?

This event is completely free to join! This event is created by Warsaw Social, the aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals. We have a large member base of Polish, but we also have members from England, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, China and much more!

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