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Laughs at Loko vol.34: English Stand-up Open Mic

Laughs at Loko vol.34: English Stand-up Open Mic

data Data: 17 marca 2019, niedziela

godzina Godzina rozpoczęcia: 20:00

miejsce Miejsce: Warszawa - Śródmieście, LOKO, Smolna 36 (pokaż na mapie)
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***IMPORTANT: We open the door at 19:30 for a 20:00 START***

We've got a special treat on St. Patrick's Day for your comedy hungry heads. This time the night will be hosted by the one and only Ola Petrus! Yes the one off the TV! She's naughty, she's filthy and she's funny... she also feels she's the best choice for hosting this and we agree. Find out why on the NIGHT!

The entrance will be FREE and the bar will have a special drinks menu. That means discount for all of you booze lovers! We will have a donation bucket at the end of the show, so it's up to you what and if you want to pay for what you've already seen :)

A range of established acts and a few completely new faces will perform for your guilty pleasure! The night will be brought to you by yours truly Andre Sosnowski and sponsored by English Stand Up Poland, Stand-up No Limits and LOKO!

First timer? Newbie? Loudmouth? Have something to say? Sign up on this event page in the comments section for your 5 minutes in heaven. All performers get a free drink!

Be at LOKO♥ ul. Smolna 36 before 8pm as the doors open at 7:30pm, for an 8:00pm start!

See you on St. Patrick's Day the 17th March (Sunday)!
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